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A LAU MEPI TL Student during his participation at a conference in Rwanda


Leen el Harake Addresses The Challenges of Independent Activism and Raises a Road Map to University’s Board of Trustees

MEPI TL Students Get Recognized For Their Accomplishments at The Annual Award Ceremony Organized by The School of Arts & Sciences

Yasmine Agoun Ties Up Gender Equality with the World of Business.

Salaam Halila Launches Her First Campaign in Campus to Raise Awareness on Mental Health

Amir Najjar Scores Second Prize at the International Collegiate Programming Contest

Mohamad Mehdi Merbah Participates in an International Youth Conference and Widens His Horizons.

Jehad Oumer Starts Implementing Theoretical Leadership Skills To Make Positive Change In His Home Continent

Sarra Saadi Uses Communication as Key to Human Development

Four LAU MEPI TL Students Score First and Fourth Place at The Lebanese Collegiate Programming Competition

Shahd Magouri Rises to the Challenge and Wins the Student Council Elections Race

Ali Ayache Represents Lebanon at The Africa and Arab Collegiate Programming Championship and Scores High Amid Tremendous Challenges.

Amani Hammami Redefines the Concept of Revolution

Jehad Oumer Expands Robot –Assisted Learning Overseas

A TLU Computer Science Star Puts his Sparkle in the Computer Science World

Oday Najjad Scores another Big Success in an Online Programming Contest

Oday Najjad Provides Online Medical Consultation to his Community Facing COVID-19

Jehad Oumer Participates in a Think-Tank Training Session and Sharpens His Knowledge and Expertise in the Digital Industry.

Jehad Oumer Combats the Pandemic with His Sole Weapon: Knowledge

Leen El Harake Redefines Revolution from an Architectural Angle

From Purpose to Impact, an Algerian LAU TL Student Participates in the Economic Recovery in Lebanon

LAU MEPI TL Students Uses Storytelling Means To Forge Strong Bonds with Their Peers

Alaeddine Loueti Engages Mental Health Experts To Instill Positive Mindset

Magy Kendirjian Uses Acquired Leadership Skills as a “Cure for Civic Illness”

Leen El Harake Releases Her Limitations and Seeks out New Opportunities

TLS Students Call their Peers to Fight for their Somatic Rights

TLS Students Choose to Raise the Flag on Gender Inequality in the Workforce

TLS students Earn Good Practices to Fight Gender Inequality in the Film Industry

TLS Program Instills Gender Justice Among LAU Students

TLS Students Draw Affirmative Actions for LGBTQ+ Communities in the Labor Force

TLS Students Raise Voice on Women Objectification in Media

TLS Program Drives Students Toward STEMinism

TLS Students Galvanize Women’s Political Empowerment and Participation

TLS Students Raise Advocacy for Women and Girls in Sports

TLS Students Underline STEM Gender Discrimination through a Cohesive Research Paper


Fatima Hallal Raises the Bar High and Takes Part of MEPI TL Accelerators Workshop

Muna Saeed Wins an Award for Best Research Paper on Women and Gender Studies

Fatima Hallal Promotes Social Justice on a Regional Level

Hayl Al Salehi Participates in a Data Hackathon and Enters the Grand Finals

Hayl Al Salehi Sets Strong Grounds for Humanitarian Project

Fatema Hallal Works Hand in Hand With Global Peace Activists To Achieve Peacebuilding

Alya Humran Uses her Academic Knowledge and Expertise to Help Raising a Better Society for a Better Yemen

A TLG Student Converts a Far-Fetched Dream into A Realistic Goal


Baskal Jallouf Tranforms War Agony Into Narrative Musical Performance

Michael Bechara Participates in Community Service to Mark MEPI Day of Service

Malak Buhardan Brings Bahrain’s Art and Culture Scenes to University Campus

Rawand Al Hares Broadens Her Horizons and Participates in European Youth Voting Movement

Mira El Saleh Wins Capstone Project Prize and Attends an International Congress in Sweden

Noor Al Shaikh Publishes Her First Research Paper and Gets Regional Recognition

Larissa Kassis Reaps The Rewards of Her Academic Journey and Releases Her First Poetry Book

Rawand Al Hares’ Short Film Receives International Recognition

From an LAU TL Scholar to an LAU TL Webinar Host: Sid El Mohri Places His Expertise at the Disposal of TL Students Fellows

Salaam Halila Triggers Critical Thinking in her Latest Awareness Campaign

LAU MEPI TL alumna leading the COVID-19 response in Libya

Nasser Al Tooblani Helps His Community Embrace Positive Change

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