Tomorrow’s Leaders Program

Success Stories

Rasha Shalha Achieves the First Step Toward Child Protection

After entering the semifinal phase at the Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) under the umbrella of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the “Methli Methlak” (You Are No different) project – a  post correctional detention reform center dedicated to children - lead by LAU-MEPI TLG Alumna Rasha Shalha and the three other team members was ready to be pitched on a regional level leaping at the opportunity to get funds to implement the project.

The preparation for the next phase was a tough row to hoe given the multilayers aspects of the project that the team has to dissect to reach a detailed and comprehensive plan and propose a turn-key project to the jury and most importantly convince them of the importance of implementing such an initiative in Lebanon.

Shalha and the team members worked tirelessly and started unfolding the project’s different components and dividing roles and responsibilities. They carefully crafted a detailed roadmap for the project ranging from preparation, launch, connection, mobilization, finalization to the inauguration.

The project’s timeline helped them expand their networking spectrum and connect with various experts in the field, in addition to experts in other fields such as social media, legal consultations, branding, marketing, etc. After almost eight months of hard work, the project was ready to be pitched.

Focusing on a confident tone of voice while being passionate and engaging, the team members succeeded in grasping the YLP jury’s attention to the project.

“Valid cause, challenging implementation, struggles finding revenue stream. It needs a strong will to bring this to life, which you already showed in the pitch! Good luck” says Haytham Saab, one of the YLP Jury’s members.

 The “Methli Methlak” project was also pitched to the Professional Development Fund-IREX. As a result, the “Methli Methlak” project was among the 5 winning projects that have been selected for funding under the MEPI Leaders Grants, as part of the MEPI Alumni Connection.

Through her perseverance and determination and thanks to Tomorrow’s Leaders Program that contributes to unlocking one’s buried potential, Shalha was able to achieve the first step toward child protection and be the founder of “Methli Methlak” center.