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About Us

About Us

The Tomorrow’s Leaders (TL) Program, sponsored by the Department of State’s U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) supports capable and highly motivated young scholars from underserved backgrounds in the Middle and North African (MENA) region by providing a fully funded undergraduate and graduate level academic matriculation, civic education, and leadership development.  The full-coverage scholarship aims to invest in Arab youth’s capacity to strengthen their leadership skills to become drivers of change and to catalyze social progress in their home community.

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A Leadership program with a Gender Focus

The Tomorrow’s Leaders Program places a strong emphasis on academic excellence, leadership training, gender education, activism, and career-building. All TL students are required to complete at least one course in gender studies during their program. This enables the scholars to advocate for policy reforms that promote democratic transitions, encourage women’s participation in various sectors of the workforce, and address issues of gender representation in areas such as security, conflict resolution, and peacemaking. The TL program aims to create a culture of inclusiveness by supporting educational interventions in higher education and promoting interdisciplinary gender studies courses. The goal is to raise awareness of gender disparities among university students and foster an environment of equity in the workforce, leadership positions, and policymaking arenas.
Since its inception in 2008, the TL program has been implemented and overseen by the Lebanese American University.

MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders Program Partners

The LAU MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders Program collaborates closely with several partners to achieve its objectives. These partners include the grant partner, student recruiter, US semester facilitator, and the alumni network.

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MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders Program Administration

The International Services and Programs (ISP) at LAU’s Student Development and Enrollment Management (SDEM) oversees the administration of the MEPI TL program. They are responsible for managing the grant methodology, academic projections, scholars’ work plans, volunteering opportunities, internships, and outreach initiatives. The ISP also ensures the general welfare of the scholars, including coordinating travel-related services such as Lebanese residency requirements, travel notifications, university breaks (winter/summer), dormitories, health insurance coverage, the US semester abroad, and coordination with various LAU constituents. The ISP also facilitates alumni networking activities.

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MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders Programs

The MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders Program offers a range of scholarships to academically qualified students who are unable to afford American-style higher education.

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