TL Graduate Program (TLG)

TLG Program Overview and Benefits

The Tomorrow’s Leaders Graduate (TLG) Program was first implemented by LAU in 2018, making it the first university in the MENA region to offer this program. TLG is a fully funded scholarship program sponsored by the United States Department of State, MEPI. 
The TLG Program spans over a period of two years and aims to provide graduate students with the necessary professional experience to enhance their academic knowledge and engage in research that promotes the professional development of emerging leaders. It also focuses on increasing scholars’ understanding of gender issues within their specific fields of study.

Student Life

In addition to pursuing rigorous academic studies on campus and a semester-long study abroad program in the United States, the LAU MEPI-TLG students organize and participate in various supplemental activities designed to shape them into well-rounded professionals and leaders.

  • Seminars/Roundtable discussions/Workshops: The program invites academics, representatives from local and international NGOs, government officials, and business leaders to lead students in a variety of engaging programs.
  • Site visits: Students have the opportunity to visit businesses, public organizations, NGOs, and community associations, gaining valuable insights into leadership, management, and various career paths.
  • Mentoring: The LAU MEPI-TL staff provides academic and psychological support to students as they transition to university life in Lebanon. Faculty members also serve as mentors, trainers, and supervisors throughout the program. Additionally, senior TL students act as mentors, assisting newcomers in quickly integrating into both the LAU community and the TL program.
  • LAU Clubs: Students are encouraged to join and engage in various student clubs and organizations at LAU. These clubs cater to a diverse range of interests related to cultural, athletic, artistic, academic, career-oriented, and service-related activities. These opportunities allow students to further enrich their educational journey and connect with like-minded peers.

Leadership Development

In addition to their academic coursework, students are expected to actively engage in a variety of leadership development activities that nurture their interpersonal, leadership, and professional skills. These activities include:

  • Volunteering
    To foster civic engagement, TL students are expected to dedicate 20 hours per semester to volunteering. The MEPI TL team provides support by offering opportunities and guidance for meaningful civic activities, allowing students to make a positive impact in their communities. 
    Additionally, the MEPI TL program provides students with access to a database containing over 100 well-known and active non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
  • TL Committees
    TL students are encouraged to join various committees, including: 
    - Debate Committee,  
    - Activities, Volunteering, & Civic Engagement Committee,  
    - Politics & Governance Committee,  
    - Gender Committee,  
    - Communication and Outreach Committee. 
    These committees serve as platforms for TL students to plan, organize, and execute activities in their chosen fields, actively participating in implementing events and projects that align with their interests and passions.
  • TL Retreats
    These retreats provide students with the chance to connect and build a robust network among themselves. During these retreats, students engage in leadership workshops that help them develop essential skills while fostering meaningful connections with their peers.

Career Development

Through a range of career workshops, leadership development sessions, internships, and alumni support, MEPI TL program aims to empower students to excel in their chosen careers and foster personal growth:

Career Workshops

MEPI TL students are strongly encouraged to attend career workshops organized by the LAU career office. These workshops are designed to enhance their employability skills and increase their chances of success in the job market. In addition, the MEPI TL team organizes leadership workshops that focus on developing and strengthening students’ leadership abilities. By participating in these workshops, students gain valuable insights and tools that enable them to excel in their careers and personal growth.

Internships: Civic/Professional Networking

MEPI TL students are required to complete internships in their chosen fields of interest, contributing to their community while gaining practical, hands-on experience. The MEPI TL team offers support in finding the most suitable internship opportunities, ensuring that students can further enhance their employability and build valuable professional networks.

Career Fair

The LAU Career Fair brings together renowned companies and organizations who are actively seeking talented individuals. This event is a great opportunity for students to interact with potential employers, learn about the various industries and career paths, engage in meaningful networking, and learn about potential internship opportunities. The LAU Career Fair plays an important role in bridging the gap between academia and the professional world, empowering MEPI TL students to transition seamlessly into successful careers aligned with their passions and aspirations. 

MEPI Alumni Network

Upon graduation from the Tomorrow’s Leaders program, alumni are referred to the MEPI Alumni Connection, which serves as a platform to support and connect MEPI TL program graduates, helping them to strengthen their networks in their home countries and assist to explore, plan and execute leadership initiatives.

Research Focus

The graduate program places a strong emphasis on research excellence and encourages students to develop a clear and focused research agenda. Students are encouraged to demonstrate a deep understanding of the existing literature and gaps in their area of research, as well as propose innovative and impactful research questions. TLG students are required to complete a graduate assistantship within their department during their first academic year in the program.

TLG Conference

The TLG Conference is an exciting and highly anticipated event within the MEPI TLG program. It serves as a platform for graduate students to showcase their research findings, exchange ideas, and engage in scholarly discussions. The TLG Conference brings together students, faculty members, and professionals from diverse disciplines, creating a vibrant intellectual community. This conference provides an invaluable opportunity for students to present their research projects, receive constructive feedback, and gain exposure to diverse perspectives.

Program Benefits

If you are accepted into the TLG Program, the following benefits will be provided: