TL Gender Scholars Program (TLS)

TLS Program Overview and Benefits

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LAU has launched the Tomorrow’s Leaders Gender Scholars Program (TLS), which is fully funded by the United States Department of State - Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), in 2020. The program’s objective is to strengthen existing networks in gender studies curriculum and foster a cross-disciplinary culture of gender mainstreaming in undergraduate coursework. The TLS program specifically targets Lebanese students currently enrolled at LAU, who are high achievers academically and receive financial aid, irrespective of their field of study. 

The TLS program is led by the School of Arts and Sciences, which has developed a customized Gender Series program to fulfill TLS’ goals. This program consists of a series of multidisciplinary courses that address national, regional, and global issues related to gender and its impact on social, economic, political, and cultural aspects of life. 

The TLS program aims to:

Al-Raida Special Issue

As part of the Tomorrow’s Leaders Gender Scholars (TLS) program, students are expected to submit their research papers to a special issue of Al-Raida, a bi-annual interdisciplinary semi peer-reviewed journal published by the Arab Institute for Women (AiW) at the Lebanese American University (LAU) in Beirut, Lebanon. TLS students have the opportunity to contribute their research papers to these special issues, showcasing their academic work and it’s an exciting opportunity for students to have their voices heard and make a meaningful impact in their chosen area of research. 

TLS Blog

The LAU MEPI TLS program has launched its first Blog platform to mainly showcase TLS students’ reflections on gender issues impacting Lebanon and the MENA region. The purpose of the blog is to raise awareness, highlight pressing issues, explain the causes of problems, advocate for positive transformative change, and propose solutions. TLS students who wish to contribute to the TLS blog need to follow these steps:

  1. Submit their blog draft to their instructor for approval.
  2. Seek support from the writing center as needed.
  3. Send an email to for further instructions and for final approval. 

Program Benefits

Students participating in the TLS program will receive the following benefits: