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Dr. Lina Haddad Kreidie

TLS Academic Director, LAU MEPI-TL Program
Assistant Professor

MA Coordinator of IGS
Department of Social Sciences
School of Arts and Sciences
PhD, University of California Irvine, US

Dr. Lina Haddad Kreidie is the academic director of the TLS-gender program , and the MA coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Gender Studies at LAU. Kreidie is a political psychologist, a faculty, and a research consultant on Women’s Empowerment at Intisar Foundation. Kreidie is also a 2018 US Fulbright Scholar, a Jerome and Hazel Tobis fellow at the University of California, Irvine Interdisciplinary Center for the Scientific Study of Ethics and Morality, and a fellow faculty at the Pearson Institute of Global conflict and Peace at the Harris Council University of Chicago Harris School for Public Policy. Some of Kreidie’s publications include: “The Power of Theater Expression and Communication: A Psychological Therapeutically Intervention in a Refugee Camp: An IPA Study Into the Narratives of Women Refugees’ Experience With Drama Therapy;” “Assad Needs the U.N.’s Help for Refugees to Return Safely;” “Jordan’s Interest in a Stable Syria;” Living with Ongoing Political Trauma: The Prevalence and Impact of PTSD among Syrian Refugees;”  “The Role of non- Governmental Organizations in Tackling Sectarianism and Extremism in Lebanon: Track Two Diplomacy and Good Governance;” and “The Psychological Dimension of Ethnic Conflict: How identity Constrained the Choice and Worked to Turn Ordinary People into Perpetrators of Ethnic Violence during the Lebanese Civil War.”