TL Undergraduate Program (TLU)

TLU Program Overview and Benefits

This program provides four-year university scholarships and internship opportunities at LAU to high school students who have the potential to become leaders. It aims to transform participants into well-rounded individuals, endowed with the knowledge and skills to be successful in the marketplace and to take on the challenges facing their home countries.

In addition to their studies, recipients are expected to engage in community service activities and internships. Limited English-language training is provided for some participants. Undergraduate students who maintain a 3.0 GPA may have an opportunity for a study abroad semester in the United States.

Student Life

In addition to pursuing rigorous academic studies on campus and a semester-long study abroad program in the United States, the LAU MEPI-TL students organize and participate in a number of supplemental activities designed to develop them into well-rounded professionals and leaders.

Study Abroad in the United States

TL students have the opportunity to apply for a study abroad program and spend a semester in a US-affiliated partner university during their Junior year at LAU. Students are selected based on LAU’s study abroad rules and procedures. During their time in the States, students are expected to continue to pursue coursework toward their major requirements.

This experience is designed to broaden each student’s global perspective through cross-cultural and academic exchanges.

Supplemental Activities

In addition to their coursework, students are expected to participate in a number of supplemental activities aimed at developing their interpersonal, leadership and professional skills:

Student Governance

All LAU MEPI-TL students are encouraged to take a leadership role at LAU, so that they may affect their rights and lives at LAU. To this end, the students elect their representatives every October. The representatives liaise on the students’ behalf with the LAU MEPI-TL administrative team, and with the LAU student body and councils.

Leadership Engagements

In addition to their academic studies and supplemental activities, LAU MEPI-TL students benefit from leadership skills development programs and internships, which prepare them for leadership roles in the region’s public or private sector upon graduation.

Leadership skills sessions

Regularly conducted workshops and retreats help students build their leadership capabilities throughout the program. These sessions help students develop the soft skills key to being both a contributing team member and effective team leader.

Summer internships/Community service

The internships and community service programs have an international and reform focus. Students participate in summer internships following their freshman and sophomore years, as well as a six-month civic service project at the conclusion of the program. At the end of their internship/volunteer experiences, students prepare a public presentation.

Program Benefits

The LAU-MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders  Program provides exceptional opportunities and services for students, including: