TL Gender Scholars (TLS)

TLS Success Stories

Rola-Madarani_600x600.jpg Rola Madarani: Empowering Communities through the “Free Medical Day Initiative” Syntia-Salha_600x600.jpg Syntia Salha’s Courageous Journey in Women’s Football Karen-Khalife_600x600.jpg Celebrating Karen Khalife’s Inspiring Journey of Success and Empowerment Christina_El-Ahmadieh_600x600.jpg Breaking Gender Stigmas: Christina El Ahmadieh’s Journey to Equality and Healing Asma-Awkal_600x600.jpg Leadership and Dedication: Asma Awkal Recognized at LAU Club Awards Ceremony Karim-Ghamrawi-AND-Lea-Habr_600x600.jpg MEPI TLS Students Karim and Lea Win 2nd Place in Unilever’s Uniway Competition with Inclusive Morning Kit Idea Elissa-Trad_600x600.jpg Elissa Trad, the First Ever WAGGGS Global Advocacy Champion Vladimir-AbdelNour_600x600.jpg Vladimir Abdelnour Proposes a Solution to the Energy Crisis in a Sustainable Approach Karim-Kassem_600x600.jpg Karim Kassem Puts the World of Finance at the Service of Sustainability Jana-Kerbaj_600x600.jpg Jana Kerbaj Puts the Cornerstone for Early Diagnosis of Kidney Damage Project Mohamad-Kabakibi-2_1_600x600.jpg Mohammad Kabakibi Launches an Online Tutor Learning Initiative with a Focus on Gender Equality Melissa-Feghali-2_600x600.jpg Melissa Feghali Takes the Lead on Gender Parity at an International Level IFC-TLS_600x600.jpg TLS Students Inaugurate the Intersectional Feminist Club with a Series of Active Learning Gender-Based Sessions TLS-Program-Drives-Students-Toward-STEMinism.jpg TLS Students Underline STEM Gender Discrimination through a Cohesive Research Paper TLS-Students-Raise-Advocacy-for-WomenandGirls-in Sports.jpg TLS Students Raise Advocacy for Women and Girls in Sports TLS-Students-Galvanize-Women’s-Political Empowerment-and-Participation.jpg TLS Students Galvanize Women’s Political Empowerment and Participation TLS-Program-Drives-Students-Toward-STEMinism.jpg TLS Program Drives Students Toward STEMinism TLS-Students-Raise-Voice-on-Women-Objectification-in-Media.jpg TLS Students Raise Voice on Women Objectification in Media TLS-students-affirmative-actions-LGBTQ-communities-.jpg TLS Students Draw Affirmative Actions for LGBTQ+ Communities in the Labor Force 4.jpg TLS Program Instills Gender Justice Among LAU Students 3.jpg TLS students Earn Good Practices to Fight Gender Inequality in the Film Industry 13.jpg TLS Students Choose to Raise the Flag on Gender Inequality in the Workforce 12.jpg TLS Students Call their Peers to Fight for their Somatic Rights

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