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Mohammad Kabakibi Launches an Online Tutor Learning Initiative with a Focus on Gender Equality

With the Pandemic and the unforeseen economic, political and social crises with its lingering impact on education, TLS student Mohammad Kabakibi took stock of the aftermath of all calamities combined that affected drastically students’ learning abilities and their well-being and decided to act upon it. Driven by his inner passion for helping others, Kabakibi created a network of talented undergraduate and graduate students and launched Chain of Education ™, an online platform which main aim is to help students to catch up on pandemic/economic crises- related unfinished learning. Chain of Education ™ provides online free tutoring to students on STEM courses moderated by tutors with the supervision of university professors who hail from different remarkable institutions: LAU, American University of Beirut, Princetown University, University College London, Syracuse University, Bradford University, University of Manchester, and Université de Technologie de Troyes. Chain of Education ™ attracted more than 100 outstanding undergraduates/graduates and Ph.D. holders from around 8 countries to join and support.  It hosted many services including tutoring sessions, online soft skills training with a dedicated space for students’ blog writing. Kabakibi and the team are currently working on expanding the platform services to be more personalized, sustainable, and accessible. The LAU- MEPI TLS program helped Kabakibi to have a sort of bird’s eye view on the importance of education with a focus on gender parity. « The TLS program has re-shaped scholars including me about the significance of the sustainable developmental goals (SDGs) with special emphasis on gender equity and education.  This has inspired many TLS colleagues to join and contribute in this initiative to reach an inclusive, sustainable, accessible, and gender-equitable education » he said.