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Amani Hammami Discovers Unexpected Benefits from her Semester in the U.S.

When Amani Hammami joined Kent State University for her U.S. exchange semester, she had a plan to make her study abroad fulfilling. Considering this experience as a privilege, she decided to embrace all the opportunities that come her way: From immersing herself in the state’s history, culture, and tradition, to making new cosmopolitan friends and accumulating good memories, and enjoying the university’s academic culture, etc. Yet, this experience made her identify a latent talent: After a week from joining the KSU Club Fair, Hammami received an email about the opening of applications for anchoring and news reporting for Fall 2021 and decided to apply. After the initial selection, she conducted auditions and got the role.  Amani anchors weather every Thursday at and occasionally anchors news as well. “It has been an amazing experience and I fell in love with this position!” says Hammami.

Ali Ayache Joins Microsoft and Brings a Great Deal of Passion in his Leadership

As soon as Ali Ayache graduated from the MEPI TLU program at LAU with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science with Distinction, he landed a job at Microsoft in Vancouver Canada as a software engineer at Microsoft Teams. Enjoying high levels of problem-solving skills that he acquired during his time at the LAU-MEPI TL program, Ayache managed successfully to provide day-to-day support to millions of students, teachers, families, first responders, schools, universities who were forced to shift to online learning due to the pandemic.

Salaam Halila Joins Amideast as an Exchange Program Assistant

Our LAU-MEPI TL Alumna Salaam Halila landed a job at Amideast Tunisia as an Exchange Programs Assistant for the YES program, the MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders Undergraduate program (TLU) and the Fulbright Foreign Students program. Showing high levels of accountability, engagement and commitment  Halila went above and beyond her regular job duties to provide students with extra support when needed. The management was impressed by Halila’s performance and offered her the opportunity to escort the first group of YES students to the U.S. in August 2021.

Life Long TL Learner Joins the Fulbright Scholarship Program

The lifelong learner Leen El Harake landed another prestigious scholarship in Fulbright Program and joined Arizona State University to pursue her master’s degree in Urban Studies in fall 2021 upon completing her Bachelor degree at LAU as a TLU graduate in spring 2021.

Rasha Shalha Launches a Post Correctional Detention Reform Center

Rasha Shalha, a TLG Alumna launches the first project of Methli Methlak, a post detention reform center dedicated to youth where they will get the proper therapy and guidance to help them open a new chapter and face life challenges successfully.

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