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MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders TLU and TLG Programs Held Their Fifth and Final Retreat

MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders TLU and TLG programs held their fifth and final retreat, which included engaging sessions and valuable insights. The retreat featured thought-provoking sessions on “How do We Teach AI?” and an exploration of AI as a mirror. Additionally, the concept of Listening 4.0 and MTI Sloan’s Thinking Systematically Framework added depth to the discussions. Participants also benefited from sessions on conflict resolution, systems thinking, and an interesting case study on OpenAI as an Adaptive Leadership case. In the end, participants received certificates of participation, in recognition of their active involvement.

MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders Retreat IV: Exploring Beliefs & Encouraging Self-Reflection

MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders TLU and TLG programs held their fourth retreats, which included both informative and reflective workshops and activities. Led by experienced facilitators from Harvard University, the retreats aimed to encourage self-reflection and explore the impact of core beliefs on personal well-being. The schedule included sessions on case analysis, reflection exercises, and plenary discussions. The retreats concluded with a focus on repair, laying the past to rest, non-defensive defenses, and anchors. Overall, the retreats provided TLU and TLG students with an enriching experience, deepening their understanding, and strengthening their connections with each other.

MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders Retreat III: Nurturing Student Development and Well-being

MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders TLU and TLG programs held their third retreats, featuring informative workshops and engaging activities. The retreats aimed to refresh students on the program’s goals, encourage self-reflection on gender dynamics, and explore the impact of core beliefs on personal well-being. The workshops were led by Ms. Dina Abdel Rahman, Dr. Jennifer Skulte, and Ms. Yusra Imad, providing valuable insights and fostering introspection. The retreats also allowed students to network during lunch and provided a day of learning, reflection, and connection, enriching the knowledge and experiences of TLU and TLG students.

Announcing the Release of the Special Issue of Al-Raida, Vol. 47 No. 2 for the year 2023!

Eight brilliant scholars from our Tomorrow’s Leaders Gender Scholars program have had their research papers published in this prestigious journal, Al-Raida, by The Arab Institute for Women.
“This publication is the culmination of the best work of the 2022–2023 cohort of TLS students and would not have been possible without the continuous support and trust of our partners at the United States Department of State and the U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), who continue to believe in the transformative power of the youth of the region,” said Ms. Dina AbdulRahman, Executive Director of MEPI-TL.

New Tomorrow’s Leaders Students Embark on Leadership Journeys at LAU

Scholars from Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, West Bank/Gaza, and Yemen have just kicked off an exciting new chapter at LAU, as part of the U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)-Tomorrow’s Leaders Program. LAU welcomed the new cohort of 20 undergraduate, nine graduate, and 43 gender scholars on both campuses for orientation sessions this month.

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