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Mondher Tounsi Pursues Master’s Degree and Develops A Global Perspective

Graduated in 2021 with High Distinction in international affairs, LAU-MEPI TL Alumnus Mondher Tounsi cultivated an ability to succeed and lead with a global outlook: Right after his graduation, Tounsi got enrolled in a Master’s of International Security at Sciences Po in Paris, France, another golden opportunity that will allow him navigating the global community gaining global perspectives on various world cultures; cross-cultural understanding and communication; and critical thinking skills.  “Without MEPI’s Tomorrow’s Leaders program and the education I received at the Lebanese American University, I wouldn’t have been able to resume my academic life in one of the world’s top leading universities in the discipline. The TL program provided me with the toolkit and financial stability to experiment and broaden my horizons. It offered a multicultural environment in which I developed a cohesive understanding of the socio-political stakes in the Arab World, which reinforced my interest in the region. Currently, I aim to penetrate the great ecosystem of security and intelligence that is found in Europe and hope to bring my newly-acquired expertise to the MEPI community” affirms Tounsi attributing the string of successes to the MEPI TL program at LAU.

Karen Sweid Uses Acquired Leadership Skills for Career Development and Community Services

LAU-MEPI TLG student Karen Sweid from Lebanon decided to benefit from the life-changing scholarship opportunity to foster her leadership skills and take them to the next level.Thanks to the rich and well-rounded scholarship program that combined high education covering research, workshops, and webinars le d by experts in different fields in addition to community outreach services through diversified volunteering programs, Sweid was able to use the tools that the program offered her to land an internship at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) where she translated the acquired knowledge into actual practice. Additionally, Sweid participated in a community outreach campaign at DAFA NGO in an effort to help and bring support to underprivileged families.

TLS Students Tap in Gender Gap Issues through “HerStory”

Inspired by the Tomorrow’s Leaders Gender Scholars (TLS) program in general and the Fundamentals of Gender Discriminated Course that the program offers in particular, TLS scholars Pia Kattoura, Dovi-Noa Rashwan, Hawraa’ Hellani, and Rita Mrouwe decided to pass on the baton of gender mainstreaming awareness acquired from the program to their peers through launching “HerStory” an Instagram page aiming at raising awareness about gender discrimination through a series of real-life case studies about gender-based pressing topics while offering guidance on how one should behave should he/she is subject to any kind of gender discrimination.

Follow their Instagram page to know more: HerStory

Amani Hammami Discovers Unexpected Benefits from her Semester in the U.S.

When Amani Hammami joined Kent State University for her U.S. exchange semester, she had a plan to make her study abroad fulfilling. Considering this experience as a privilege, she decided to embrace all the opportunities that come her way: From immersing herself in the state’s history, culture, and tradition, to making new cosmopolitan friends and accumulating good memories, and enjoying the university’s academic culture, etc. Yet, this experience made her identify a latent talent: After a week from joining the KSU Club Fair, Hammami received an email about the opening of applications for anchoring and news reporting for Fall 2021 and decided to apply. After the initial selection, she conducted auditions and got the role.  Amani anchors weather every Thursday at and occasionally anchors news as well. “It has been an amazing experience and I fell in love with this position!” says Hammami.

Ali Ayache Joins Microsoft and Brings a Great Deal of Passion in his Leadership

As soon as Ali Ayache graduated from the MEPI TLU program at LAU with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science with Distinction, he landed a job at Microsoft in Vancouver Canada as a software engineer at Microsoft Teams. Enjoying high levels of problem-solving skills that he acquired during his time at the LAU-MEPI TL program, Ayache managed successfully to provide day-to-day support to millions of students, teachers, families, first responders, schools, universities who were forced to shift to online learning due to the pandemic.

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