Tomorrow’s Leaders Program


Upon students’ graduation, LAU MEPI TL refers the alumni to the MEPI Alumni Connection currently managed by IREX which, in its turn, helps them to establish solid grounds with the purpose of strengthening their networks in their home countries and assisting to explore, plan and execute leadership initiatives. Learn more

For more info about the MEPI Day of Service, visit the webpage

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Ibrahim-Al-Sousy_600x600.jpg Ibrahim Al Sousy’s Extraordinary Journey: From Passion to Economic Excellence Gaelle-Abi-Chedid_600x600.jpg From MEPI TLG to the United Nations: Gaelle’s Journey of Economic Empowerment Racha-Shalha_600x600.jpg From TLG Alumna to WHO Gender and Protection Officer: The Inspiring Journey of Racha Shalha Ghina-Abdul-Baki_600x600.jpg From Lebanon to Ottawa: The Inspiring Journey of Ghina Abdul Baki Pursuing a Ph.D. in Economics Rasha-Shalha.jpg Rasha Shalha Scores High and Launches a Post Correctional Detention Reform Center Rasha-Shalha_600x600.jpg Rasha Shalha Achieves the First Step Toward Child Protection Ali-Ayache_600x600.jpg LAU-MEPI TL Alumnus Ali Ayache Joins Microsoft and Brings a Great Deal of Passion in his Leadership 2.jpg Nasser Al Tooblani Helps His Community Embrace Positive Change 8.jpg LAU MEPI TL alumna leading the COVID-19 response in Libya 7.jpg Salaam Halila Triggers Critical Thinking in her Latest Awareness Campaign 2.jpg From an LAU TL Scholar to an LAU TL Webinar Host: Sid El Mohri Places His Expertise at the Disposal of TL Students Fellows Rawan-Al-Haress.png Rawand Al Hares’ Short Film Receives International Recognition Larissa-Kassis-Reaps.jpg Larissa Kassis Reaps The Rewards of Her Academic Journey and Releases Her First Poetry Book Noor-El-Shaikh.jpg Noor Al Shaikh Publishes Her First Research Paper and Gets Regional Recognition Mira-el-saleh-wins-capstone.jpg Mira El Saleh Wins Capstone Project Prize and Attends an International Congress in Sweden 12.jpg Rawand Al Hares Broadens Her Horizons and Participates in European Youth Voting Movement Malak-Buhardan.jpg Malak Buhardan Brings Bahrain’s Art and Culture Scenes to University Campus 2.jpg Michael Bechara Participates in Community Service to Mark MEPI Day of Service 5.jpg Baskal Jallouf Tranforms War Agony Into Narrative Musical Performance