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LAU-MEPI TL Alumnus Ali Ayache Joins Microsoft and Brings a Great Deal of Passion in his Leadership

Because the job perspective for computer science is growing at a rapid rate, it has become a crucial tool to not only innovate the world but a way to directly meeting needs and paving the way for a more equitable world.

As soon as Ali Ayache graduated from the MEPI TL program at LAU with Distinction he landed a job at Microsoft in Vancouver Canada as a software engineer at Microsoft Teams.

Ayache expected and embraced the different challenges of working abroad and somehow coped rapidly with his new lifestyle. However, the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic hit Ayache with a new set of unprecedented responsibilities as he and his colleagues had to assist millions of students, teachers, families, first responders, schools, universities to shift to online learning.

Enjoying high levels of problem-solving skills that he acquired during his time at the LAU-MEPI TL program, Ali Ayache managed successfully to provide day-to-day support through designing, planning, implementing, and maintaining features for Teams to facilitate the new online working mode to all users especially to those who have minimum knowledge in the software.
This experience was rewarding to Ayache on both personal and professional levels, as working under stress showed high levels of resilience, a trait that Ayache was not aware of himself. Ayache attributes his victory to LAU- MEPI TL Program that helped him equip himself with leadership skills to take adequate actions and decisions when it comes to problem-solving.