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The LAU MEPI-TL Magazine

The LAU MEPI-TL “Untitled” magazine is an initiative by MEPI students from concept development to writing, editing, design and production. It offers students the opportunity to express their thoughts, put their lives and experiences into perspective by navigating through emotions and thoughts.

The LAU MEPI-TL e-Newsletter

The LAU MEPI-TL electronic newsletter is a new entry communication tool that will be issued at the end of every academic semester. The e-newsletter will serve as a message medium that will update MEPI students, staff and LAU faculties about the program’s latest news, activities and achievements.

Latest Issue

LAU MEPI TL e-Newsletter Issue 5

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The LAU MEPI-TL Year End Book

The LAU MEPI-TL Program issues a Year-end Book at the end of every academic year listing all graduates’ profiles, a message from the program’s administration, a photo gallery of memorable events, and more.


The LAU MEPI TL Program issues at the end of every academic year a Year end Book listing all graduates’ profiles, a heartfelt message from Program’s administration, a photo gallery of memorable events etc…Additionally, the Program has worked on a tailor-made electronic book for the first graduating cohort of TLG students. This e-book portrays in-depth interviews done with Graduates highlighting major milestones achieved in addition to forewords from Program administrators and advisors. The TLG e-book will be constantly updated including future graduates’ profiles.

View the LAU-MEPI TLG e-book.


The students of Tomorrow’s Leaders Gender Scholars (TLS) program are required to submit their research papers to a special issue of AIW’s Al-Raida, an interdisciplinary journal that focus on local, regional, and international discussions by and for women in the Arab region.