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Nour Laswi: Driving Success in Project Management at Mercy Corps Jordan

Nour Laswi, a distinguished 2014 TLU alum from Jordan, has established herself as a highly accomplished and proactive professional. Currently serving as a Project Management Specialist at Mercy Corps Jordan, Nour’s contributions have played a vital role in the organization’s achievements.

Within the Grants Management Unit (GMU), Nour holds responsibility for a diverse portfolio of projects and programs, including the Informal Livelihoods Advancement Activity (Iqlaa), a five-year USAID-funded program. In her role, Nour ensures the production of high-quality and timely donor reports, maintains compliance with donor regulations, facilitates effective coordination with team leaders and various departments within Mercy Corps, and provides technical support in research and the development of TORs (Terms of Reference) and RFAs (Request for Applications) for the senior leadership team at Iqlaa.

Nour’s expertise also extends to managing compliance, reporting, follow-ups, and quality assurance for an inclusive education project funded by UNICEF. Additionally, she takes charge of reporting for a psycho-social support (PSS) program and actively contributes to the development of proposals and concept notes for new and incoming programs.

Nour Laswi’s role at Mercy Corps Jordan exemplifies her proficiency in project management, ensuring the organization’s operations run smoothly and effectively. Her meticulous attention to detail, adherence to compliance measures, and ability to provide valuable technical support contribute significantly to the success of the programs she oversees.

With her exemplary skills and dedication, Nour Laswi continues to make a substantial impact in driving project management excellence at Mercy Corps Jordan. Her contributions are instrumental in advancing the organization’s mission and positively transforming the lives of individuals and communities in Jordan.