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Baskal Jallouf Tranforms War Agony Into Narrative Musical Performance

Baskal Jallouf is an LAU MEPI TL Program student from Syria who has witnessed the savagery of the conflict in Syria and was unable to overcome the trauma of the war that has devastated the country and its people. Being enrolled in the Performing Arts program at the School of Arts and Sciences at The Lebanese American University (LAU), Jallouf have shown a growing interest in the impact of the war on herself and noticed that her situation actually applies on all people in Syria. Jallouf then chose to explore the war trauma through an art project that has been elaborated to become a Narrative Musical Performance called “Toute Toute Ma Khilsit El Hatoute” (an endless story).

Mingling lyrics and music of old traditional Syrian folklore songs, Jallouf put on an impressive performance hoping to help the audience in reviving memorable moments of the Syria they used to know while painting away the scars that the war has engraved in them. The performance drew unpredictable success and as Jallouf put it, “the house was full of tears, laugher, joy and mainly relief!”. This has indeed marked a remarkable milestone in her academic path.

Jallouf attributes this achievement to the MEPI TL program that has nurtured her leadership skills, and fostered her performing arts talent.