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Malak Buhardan Brings Bahrain’s Art and Culture Scenes to University Campus

When Malak Buhardan was selected to join the MEPI TL Program at LAU , she got that strange feeling when she knew she was about to leave her home country, Bahrain. Buhardan got that mix of feelings between the enthusiasm to travel, create a bond with another country and discover a new culture; and the fear of getting out of her comfort zone with all the challenges that it brings, exchanging her existing life for a brand -new one.

To that effect, Buhardan chose to redefine change by bringing Bahrain’s traditions and culture she used to live to her new entourage.

With the aim of promoting cross-cultural relationships on campus, Buhardan established the Bahrain Cultural Club and organized a series of events with the purpose of bringing the culture of Bahrain closer to people. Among the events that she has organized was “Special Karak Day” where she offered to faculty students and staff the traditional tea around a chit-chat about traditional Bahraini stories. Buhardan also organized the “International Educational Week” to celebrate the cultural differences and similarities between participating clubs and the Bahraini club won the first place in LAU Byblos campus while ranking second in LAU Beirut campus.

The club also participated in the LAU Heritage Day having a Bahraini booth portraying the traditional “Majlis” area where guests were welcomed and tasted the traditional Bahraini coffee and ladies got the traditional henna tattoos.  Additionally, the club organized the “Women Success Tails” exhibition showcasing success stories of Arab women leaders from sixteen countries including Bahrain eventually.

The Bahraini Club gained wider welcome in the campus community and the club succeeded in delivering deeper understandings of Bahraini cultural richness.  

Equipped with leadership and organizational tools provided by the program, Buhardan succeeded in reaching her vision by daring to think big, start small and scale fast.