Tomorrow’s Leaders Program

Success Stories

From an LAU TL Scholar to an LAU TL Webinar Host: Sid El Mohri Places His Expertise at the Disposal of TL Students Fellows

When Sid el Mohri was accepted in MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders Program at LAU, he knew that the very essence of leadership is to have a vision. Back then in 2014, EL Mohri joined LAU’s School of Arts & Sciences and chose Psychology as a major. Empowered by a strong sense of analytical and communication skills, El Mohri was very convinced by the Major he chose until he attended the “Introduction to Audiovisual Media” a course he took in his last year. It was when he realized that he was into both psychology and audiovisual media, and this course was an eye-opener to El Mohri…

During the last semester at LAU, El Mohri launched his Youtube Channel “Sidcastic”, a book review platform that provides description, critical analysis, and evaluation of fiction and non-fiction books.

Launching this platform was at the beginning a very personalized initiative. At this stage, El Mohri just wanted to share his projection about the books he read. In no time, “Sidcastic” started to grow by attracting more viewers and followers. This is when the word of mouth caused a snowball effect that made “Sidastic” more and more popular. This success opened new horizons for El Mohri as he decided to take this initiative to the next level and make from this hobby a career.

One year later, El Mohri launched his first podcast show featuring hosts engaged in a discussion about a variety of topics like arts, education, the digital world, etc…

Sid el Mohri’s “Sidcastic” project went viral attracting 20K followers on Facebook, 27.8K on Instagram, and 22.7K subscribers on Youtube.

During the global lockdown due to the pandemic, El Mohri delivered an e-session under the title of “Experience Sharing: How to Succeed in Social Media Today” with the collaboration of an LAU TL freshman student Younes Djemmal. During the session, El Mohri gave testimony on his journey, successes, and achievements to LAU TL students fellows.

Sid el Mohri has proven to be a leader by inspiring self-confidence, by showing others how achievements are done. This is the true meaning of “Leading by example”.