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Rasha Shalha Scores High and Launches a Post Correctional Detention Reform Center

After almost two years of hard work and perseverance, Rasha Shalha a TLG Alumna from Lebanon could finally reach her far-fetched dream by launching her post correctional detention reform center dedicated to children: Methli Methlak (You are no different). The Methli Methlak project started with an ambitious idea of Shalha after she noticed during her internship in the Roumieh Juvenile Detention Centre the aftermath of juvenile incarceration where no proper guidance is offered to children after they complete their sentence. Getting the leadership basics from the TLG program, Shalha saw from her dream a potential project that could be implemented if well-planned, even with no budget. The Methli Methlak project entered a series of pitches on both local and regional levels and was identified as particularly strong and worthy of funding by the  MEPI Leaders Grants, as part of the MEPI Alumni Connection. On October 2, 2021, Methli Methlak’s first project “START” was launched. The project aims at delivering awareness sessions on how to facilitate the reintegration of juveniles into society after completing their sentence in jail. The Methli Methlak team is currently delivering the sessions to organizations, municipalities and universities. The team also collaborated with the Ministry of Social Affairs to deliver these awareness sessions to the community at the Social Development Centers (SDG). Shalha’s continued growth and perseverance have been the driving force in her path in becoming a today’s leader. Being a TLG student was, in fact, a lifelong experience that made her an agent of change in her community.