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Mohammad Rissal Hedna and Younes Djemmal’s Automatic Audio-Visual Mixing Project Accepted at CW2023

Mohammad Rissal Hedna and Younes Djemmal, both hailing from Algeria and holding their Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science, have achieved remarkable success with their research project titled “A Model for the Automatic Mixing of Multiple Audio and Video Clips.” Their hard work and dedication have paid off, as their research was accepted for presentation at the prestigious 2023 International Conference on Cyberworlds (CW2023).

In this groundbreaking research, Mohammad Rissal Hedna and Younes Djemmal collaborated to develop a sophisticated system capable of automatically editing videos to synchronize with user-selected music. The system’s pipeline encompasses a complex process, starting from the initial feature extraction layer and culminating in the final RNN and LSTM neural network layers. Along the way, the system performs a multitude of different encodings to achieve the desired result, seamlessly merging audio and video clips.

The success of their research can be attributed not only to their dedication and innovative thinking but also to the invaluable guidance and supervision of their mentor, Dr. Khaleel Mershad. Dr. Mershad’s expertise and support were instrumental in guiding Mohammad Rissal Hedna and Younes Djemmal to the successful completion of their research and its acceptance at the CW2023 conference.

This success story is a testament to the incredible talent and potential of these two young researchers from Algeria, showcasing their ability to push the boundaries of technology and contribute to the field of computer science and multimedia integration. Their research promises to have a significant impact on the world of video editing and audio-visual synchronization, and their acceptance at CW2023 is a testament to their bright future in the world of academia and innovation.