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Success Stories

Nasser Al Tooblani Helps His Community Embrace Positive Change

As soon as Nasser Al Tooblani graduated from the MEPI TL program at LAU, he started implementing positive change in his home community throughout a series of outreach activities and innovative initiatives.

Being passionate about teaching and mentoring- especially in the field of psychology and mental health, a discipline that remains very much a taboo in the Arab world, Al Tooblani restored his network connections with his former high school principal and was able to land a job as a Psychology and Epistemology teacher after preparing a concise and comprehensive psychological intervention program targeting both the students and teachers.

Additionally, Al Tooblani delivered an online session on Educsoul, an online platform created by his MEPI TL colleague Alaeddine Loueti. During the 30-minute-session, Al Tooblani gave the viewers tips on how to « press the pause button » on daily stressful situations and start adopting new habits that enhance resilience.

Thanks to his string of great achievements, Al Tooblani was able to make the cut and start breaking the stigma of mental health in his community and the Arab world.