Tomorrow’s Leaders Program

Success Stories

Vladimir Abdelnour Proposes a Solution to the Energy Crisis in a Sustainable Approach

Being a Tomorrow’s Leaders Gender Scholars (TLS) student, Vladimir Abdelnour experienced a wide array of benefits that the program could offer him. From this enriching experience, he learned that TL programs are one-of-a-kind scholarships that invest in youth’s capabilities. To that effect, when the TLP project was introduced to TL students at LAU, Abdelnour showed immediate interest in joining the project. With Lebanon’s deepening electricity crisis and fuel shortage, Abdelnour could not find a better opportunity that allows him to address the problem than getting involved in the renewable energy project proposed by TLP. Abdelnour galvanized his knowledge in electrical engineering at the service of the project while tapping into new learning in different disciplines such as research, market analysis, online trading, and management solutions. While the project which resulted in a startup « Takatcom » did not reach a turn-key stage yet, Vladimir and the team members presented confidently the startup concept during the TLP VIP+ Industry-Academia workshop while describing in detail where the project will lead. The project got the attention of the Inas Academic Awards Foundation (IAAF) and proposed to the team to apply for the IAAF Awards competition and get the chance to fund the project partially. Additionally, the project won the attendees’ choice award at the VIP+ workshop and that is currently participating in the LAU Spark program for startup incubation. « I attribute this achievement to the TLP project that believes in youth’s caliber and pushes our limits and makes us realize that, actually, we can do things we did not think we could by breaking the « it is impossible » mindset. Says Abdelnour.