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TLS Students Raise Advocacy for Women and Girls in Sports

While it may seem that a gender mainstream is well established in Sports especially in World Championships, the fight for gender equality in sport is far from over. TLS students Maria Hanna, Michael El Assaad, and Anthony Semaan chose to address this issue in their research paper “ Women in Sports”. The team studied the topic from a 360-degree approach starting with a projection on history, law, the role of the media in accentuating the gender gap in the Sports field, the gender pay gap and its repercussions on both local and global economy, etc…

To have concrete and credible case studies, the team shared  their survey under the surveillance of the team’s instructor and received high responsiveness from the community at LAU.

Sports are not only about teamwork and winning championships, MEPI TLS students Maria, Michael, and Anthony went behind the stage to unravel the challenges girls and women face in the sports arena. The survey they conducted among young men and women highlighted the cultural perceptions of the role of girls in sports, the physical abilities of boys versus the soft abilities of girls mainly in the choice of certain sports activities. The Three TLs students also interviewed girls who play soccer who expressed their pride in how soccer girls’ teams have reached world championships, while not getting as much attention in the media as boy’s soccer.  Maria, Michel, and Anthony’s passion in ports will be matched by their excellent work to advocate and work for gender equality.

 “Honestly, the TLS program was the most useful experience we ever encountered. In a year full of setbacks MEPI was our light in the dark, our hope in this country and its future. The leadership and confidence skills that we gained during the program, and the expansion of knowledge with regards to the laws, historical events, and other factors that were indeed affecting on a huge scale in the gender equity problem” points up the team.