TL Graduate Program (TLG)

TLG Success Stories

Rasha-Shalha2_600x600.jpg Building a Better Society: Rasha Shalha’s Vision for Post-Detention Reform Farah-Younes_600x600.jpg Farah Younes: Unlocking Knowledge Frontiers with GKI 2023 Launch Nabila-Arab_600x600.jpg Empowering Youth for Climate Action: Nabila Arab’s Impactful Engagement at COP28 UAE Maha-Shaheen2_600x600.jpg Maha Shaheen: Championing Healthcare Innovation as a MARS-Global Scholar Maha-Shaheen_600x600.jpg Maha Shaheen’s Journey: Empowering Women in Leadership with EWAP Ibrahim-Al-Sousy_600x600.jpg Ibrahim Al Sousy’s Extraordinary Journey: From Passion to Economic Excellence Gaelle-Abi-Chedid_600x600.jpg From MEPI TLG to the United Nations: Gaelle’s Journey of Economic Empowerment Racha-Shalha_600x600.jpg From TLG Alumna to WHO Gender and Protection Officer: The Inspiring Journey of Racha Shalha Ghina-Abdul-Baki_600x600.jpg From Lebanon to Ottawa: The Inspiring Journey of Ghina Abdul Baki Pursuing a Ph.D. in Economics Rami-Hammoud_600x600.jpg Rami Hammoud: Landing His First Publication on Global Risk Factors in GCC Stock Markets Rasha-Shalha.jpg Rasha Shalha Scores High and Launches a Post Correctional Detention Reform Center Rasha-Shalha_600x600.jpg Rasha Shalha Achieves the First Step Toward Child Protection Rasha-Shalha-Converts-aFar-Fetched-Dream.jpg A TLG Student Converts a Far-Fetched Dream into A Realistic Goal Alya-Humran-Uses-her-Academic-Knowledge.jpg Alya Humran Uses her Academic Knowledge and Expertise to Help Raising a Better Society for a Better Yemen Fatima-Hallal-Works-Hand-in-Hand.jpg Fatema Hallal Works Hand in Hand With Global Peace Activists To Achieve Peacebuilding 2.jpg Hayl Al Salehi Sets Strong Grounds for Humanitarian Project 5.jpg Hayl Al Salehi Participates in a Data Hackathon and Enters the Grand Finals Fatima-Hallal-Promotes.jpg Fatima Hallal Promotes Social Justice on a Regional Level Paper-Muna-Saeed.jpg Muna Saeed Wins an Award for Best Research Paper on Women and Gender Studies Fatima-Hallal-Raises.jpg Fatima Hallal Raises the Bar High and Takes Part of MEPI TL Accelerators Workshop

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