Tomorrow’s Leaders Program

Success Stories

Hayl Al Salehi Participates in a Data Hackathon and Enters the Grand Finals

As soon as Hayl Al Salehi, a LAU MEPI TLG student from the new cohort stepped in LAU, he started setting strong grounds for social advocacy. Majoring in Political Sciences and International Affairs, Al Salehi quickly adapted to the new environment and surroundings in Lebanon and took his first initiative to meet sustainable development needs.
Al-Salehi along with two of his colleagues participated in a data hackathon titled “Visualize 2030” organized by The Arab Development Portal (ADP). “Visualize 2030” calls upon the youth to visualize how their country or the Arab region would look like by 2030 through the utilization of data.

Al-Salehi and his colleague formed a team called “Equal Work” and together worked on a project that consists of developing a website that will visualize gender inequality in the workplace. The website will serve as a platform to initiate advocacy for gender equality covering three countries Lebanon, Algeria, and Yemen.

This project will be divided into several phases:

Phase 1- Data Collection: To collect data from ADP, World Bank and United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Phase 2- Analytics: To evaluate the data collected using analytical and statistical tools to discover useful information helping the team build infographics, graphs showcasing gender inequality in the workplace at various levels: Employment, promotion, termination, etc…

Phase 3: to red-flag the loopholes inhibiting gender equality at work and proposing adequate solutions.

The ADP jury took a closer look at the project and was interested in its objective. The website is not an ordinary platform showcasing percentages; it serves as an analytic tool by comparing the work-specific gender-gap between the three countries and proposing reforms with the attempt to reduce them.

Thereupon, the “Equal Work” team was shortlisted to participate in the ADP “Visualize 2030” camp and present their final product during the Ceremony on the 14th of October 2019, where the multidisciplinary evaluation committee will assess the final output of the project.

With his strong confidence, commitment accountability and decision-making capabilities,  Al Saheli have proven that a genuine Tomorrow’s Leader student can actually be today’s leader.