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Hayl Al Salehi Sets Strong Grounds for Humanitarian Project

Hayl Al Salehi, an LAU MEPI TLG in Political Science and International Affairs is working tirelessly trying to tackle local and regional thorny issues to come up with sustainable solutions helping the community at large for a better living. Al Salehi was watching closely the living conditions of Syrian refugees in Ketermaya , a village situated at the southern end of the Mount Lebanon range hosting as many Syrian refugees as all 50 US states combined. Seeing the harsh living conditions of the refugees, Al Salehi got the idea to work on an in-camp educational system for kids. Al Salehi started visualizing and mind mapping the project putting the main pillars to his concept.

Moving forward, he submitted the project to MENA Youth Capacity building in Humanitarian Action (MYCHA), an initiative of Reach Out to Asia (ROTA) foundation programme with the purpose of sculpting the concept and start putting a road map for the project. After reviewing his project, the MYCHA jury selected Al Salehi to attend MYCHA conference that took place in Doha, Qatar from November 21 to November 24, 2019. By joining MYCHA conference, Al Salehi got a wider exposure as he started networking among young humanitarian actors and professionals, designing innovative approaches, sharing data and best practices, and releasing publications. Going back to Lebanon, Al Salehi is now ready to move to the next phase of his project life cycle until he reaches the implantation phase.

With his strong confidence, commitment accountability and decision-making capabilities,  Al Saheli has proven that a genuine Tomorrow’s Leader student can actually be today’s leader.