Tomorrow’s Leaders Program

Success Stories

A TLG Student Converts a Far-Fetched Dream into A Realistic Goal

Driven by her ultimate goal to make the world a better place, Rasha Shalha from Lebanon, chose to pursue high education in Migration Studies at LAU through Tomorrow’s Leaders Program with a strong determination to make a positive change even before her graduation.

 While pursuing her B. A studies in Social Work in 2017, Shalha did her internship in the Roumieh Juvenile Detention Centre where she worked closely with delinquents and instilled rehabilitation-resocialization principles to promote social change. But what Shalha found was striking: When released, often with no prospects for employment, former prisoners face a socio-economic exclusion and are thus more vulnerable to enter the vicious circle of criminality and imprisonment again. To that effect, Shalha came up with the idea of establishing a reform center that will represent a refuge to youth where they will get the proper therapy and guidance to help them adjust to reality and face life challenges successfully.

Together with three of her colleagues, Shalha worked on a concise and comprehensive project “Methli Methlak” (You Are No different)  that describes in detail the rationale behind establishing such a center and the outstanding promised results that this project will offer if implemented.

 Shalha and her colleagues pitched the project to Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) an initiative by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Shalha didn’t have high hopes for scoring big wins as she was competing against 237 other teams, but the project caught the jury’s attention especially that it serves the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations and it answers namely the Peace and Justice goal.

The “Methli Methlak” initiative has entered the semifinal phase. Rasha and her colleagues will be pitching the project on a regional level together with 6 other teams through YLP Regional Forum.

Through her perseverance and determination and thanks to Tomorrow’s Leaders Program that contributes in unlocking one’s buried potiental, Shalha proved that what was once a far- fetched dream, is actually a realistic goal that is too close of getting implemented.