Tomorrow’s Leaders Program

Success Stories

Alya Humran Uses her Academic Knowledge and Expertise to Help Raising a Better Society for a Better Yemen

In Yemen, a country ranked last in the global gender gap for 13 consecutive years*, women have been suffering from deeply anchored gender inequality rooted in a patriarchal society with rigid gender roles. Born and raised in a community preconizing negative gender stereotypes and patriarchal attitudes, Alya Humran witnessed how the conditions for Yemeni women and girls are deteriorating leaving them extremely vulnerable to violence, abuse, and exploitation. Consequently, she chose to advocate for Yemeni women’s rights and freedom of expression.

 In spring 2019, Humran was awarded an academic scholarship from MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders Graduate Program and chose Gender Studies as major. Being intellectually curious and self-driven, Humran excelled academically and got involved in a series of women’s and gender-oriented activities and events.

In August 2020, she received an invitation to participate in a virtual forum “Youth 4 Better Yemen” organized by the International Youth Council- Yemen and the Global Entrepreneurship Council of Yemen celebrating International Youth Day. Alya participated as a Gender Specialist guest speaker in the session under the theme of “Gender Equality – Women empowerment and GBV”. During the session Humran contributed to the discussion on how empowered women and girls can contribute to the health and productivity of their families, communities, and countries, creating a ripple effect that benefits everyone underlining how the community and the decision-makers can work together eliminating all forms of gender-based violence.

The online session gained a wide audience and was ranked as successful. Consequently, Humran received a letter of appreciation from the Chairman of the International Youth Council-Yemen thanking her for dedicating her time to share her expertise and civic engagement which were crucial to the success of the event.

Humran’s participation in the event is only a starting point of a long pathway of her future engagements that will empower Yemeni women to enhance their knowledge on critical issues and engage them to unlock their potential to contribute to building a better Yemen for the next generation.

* World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap index