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Magy Kendirjian Uses Acquired Leadership Skills as a “Cure for Civic Illness”

The journey ahead to secure women’s equity in the Arab world in general and in Lebanon, in particular, is still long, amid tremendous efforts deployed by local and international NGOs. Majoring in Political Science and International Affairs, Magy Kendirjian from Lebanon, chose to deploy acquired leadership skills to examine the gender gap in Arab societies and look at some solutions.

Kendirjian joined Youth Leadership Programme (YLP), an opportunity offered by LAU, with the purpose to take her leadership expertise to the next level. Kendirjian joined INJAZ Lebanon NGO to complete her training, one of the YLP’s requirements. During the training, she participated in a competition that consists of coming up with innovative projects and ideas that address thorny issues and bring positive impact to the community. Forming a team of two, Kendirjian and her colleague came up with the “Seduction Pavilion”, a program that aims at empowering women in STEAM education. The program unfolds a myriad of activities including workshops, sessions that foster entrepreneurial skills, helping women to have their STEM-related projects materialized in the future.

Through her concise, comprehensive, and detailed presentation, Kendirjian successfully pitched for her project and secured 3rd place in the contest. Kendijrian is now eligible to enter the competition’s next phase: to pitch her project at the National level. In completing her first year at the TL program at LAU, Kendijrian began to showcase her potential in leadership, a potential that was once dormant until awakened by the TL program.