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Leen El Harake Wins at Students Council Elections and Shines a Light on Core Leadership Values

Majoring in Architecture, Leen El Harake has always foreseen the different angles surrounding the concept of architecture from heritage, to culture and community building, and brought them to the table during the workshops and sessions she organized so far.

Being an outspoken student, El Harake has always shown an interest in running for the Students Council Elections at LAU. But this year was like no other years as Lebanon has witnessed a series of unparalleled challenges that exerted more pressure on students’ emotional well-being making them less motivated to engage in any initiative. “I talked myself out of running for elections although it had always been a goal of mine.” says El Harake. But an inner motive pushed her to throw her hat into the ring. And so she did and she is now a member of the Student Council under the School of Architecture and Design.

“I now have a responsibility towards the student body that I am excited to fulfill” admits El Harake who tailored an agenda to address students’ major issues and a pre-developed plan to re-ignite the core leadership values within her peers through organizing and delivering online workshops, webinars with international guest speakers with the purpose to cultivate intrinsic motivation amongst her peers.

« I am always grateful for the chance to grow as a person and develop my leadership qualities to have a positive impact on my community » concludes El Harake showing her gratitude to the MEPI TL program that enabled her to develop her full potential.