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LAU MEPI TL Students Use Storytelling Means To Forge Strong Bonds with Their Peers

Inspiration is the most important leadership trait fueled by passion and purpose. Starting from this mindset, six LAU MEPI TL students succeded in igniting their peers with the feeling of purpose and meaning. Here’s how they did it.

In July 2020, MEPI launched the first competition for the Tomorrow’s Leaders, Undergraduate students, under the title of “My TL story” inviting TL students to share their success stories through the program and show how the TL Program is changing their lives while connecting and inspiring Arab youth to bring positive change in the Arab world. Eight teams of 20 members from the LAU, the American University of Beirut (AUB), and the American University in Cairo (AUC) competed with each other and summarized their experience in the program with inspiring, eye-catching stories that were portrayed either in writing or in a short video.

Through “Levantine Aspirations”, a stunning short movie describing the tremendous challenges that engulf the Arab region and affecting youth’s physical and mental wellbeing and how the TL program was their only hope in a better future, Elyas Farah from Syria, Osama Shammout from Jordan and Mahdi Hallal from Lebanon- all TLers from LAU- were ranked #1 in the competition. While LAU Team members Huda Al Jeshi from Bahrain, Karim Al Achy from Lebanon, and Sanae Ziadi from Morocco were ranked third thanks to their written story “Our Journey before and after MEPI TL” a mesmerizing set of testimonials highlighting how the TL program has allowed them to grow and develop as individuals, to connect with and learn from extraordinary people from all over the region.

Both entries were published on MEPI’s website and gained a wide readership.
Through their participation in the “My TL Story” contest, LAU MEPI TL students succeed in painting a bold picture about the radical change that the TL program brought them and ignited a spark within their peers to move them to action