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Zina Kamel’s Leadership at DevFest Beirut 2023

Meet Zina Kamel, an exceptional MEPI TLU student from Syria majoring in computer science and a member of the Google Developer Group. She recently showcased her remarkable leadership skills as an organizer of DevFest Beirut 2023, a renowned global festival for tech enthusiasts.

What made DevFest Beirut 2023 truly stand out was the incredible diversity of speakers. With over 30 local speakers, 5 international guests, 3 Google experts, and even a representative from Google Sweden, the festival provided valuable learning, networking, and trend exploration opportunities.

More than 700 attendees, including students and professionals, gathered at this avenue where dynamic challenges shaping the ever-evolving field of technology were discussed. The event aimed to foster shared learning among Lebanese developers and tech industry experts, highlighting the crucial role of collaboration and real-world insights for students.

This outstanding event gained significant recognition, with coverage in the prestigious Annahar newspaper and a prominent feature on the official website of the Lebanese American University (LAU).

Zina Kamel’s unwavering dedication and exceptional leadership were pivotal in making DevFest Beirut 2023 a tremendous success, leaving a lasting impact on the tech community in the region. Let’s celebrate her achievements and inspire others to reach for the stars!