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Oday Najjad Scores another Big Success in an Online Programming Contest

The lockdown caused by the novel pandemic is not counted for certain TLers. Oday Najjad an LAU MEPI TL freshman majoring in computer science is making good use of his confinement trying to constantly challenging himself with computer science-related online competitions from reputable programming contest platforms.

Following his success in achieving 2nd place in ‘1 Million Arab Coders Initiative’ –through participating in The Android Mobile App Development contest; Najjad was in pursuit for another challenge: He searched on Code Forces, a  website that hosts competitive programming contests, and got enrolled in another programming contest tailored by the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) and managed by Saint Petersburg State University. The contest covered seven problems. Najjad succeded in solving all of them in a competitive time frame.

Najjad scored first place in the competition and received an Honorable Mention Award from Saint Petersburg State University and he was granted the right to apply for scholarships for a master’s degree and will be given priority during the final selection.

Najjad dedicates this success to MEPI TL program because it opened him doors of opportunity, and through his enthusiasm and perseverance, he was able to keep them open.

Najjad is one of many TLers who were able to score achievements against all odds and be a role model for his MEPI TL colleagues.