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Success Stories

Yasmine Agoun Paves her Way in Consultancy as a Case Competition Organizer

In her fourth year at the MEPI TL program in LAU, TL student Yasmine Agoun succeeded in combining her sparkling talents to use them in consulting and was ready for peer knowledge sharing during the competition organization.

 Every year, teams from different universities gather at LAU to competitively tackle real-world business challenges within a strict time limit. With multinational sponsors and partners, the event is the first university contest in Lebanon. For the 2021 edition, the competition is going to be held virtually with a different strategy.

In December 2020, Agoun joined the 4th edition of the LAU Case Competition as Assistant Director of Case Team, a position that opened her the opportunity to demonstrate everything from the razor-sharp analytical ability to interpersonal skills in favor of the competition planning. Given her strong appetite for innovation and problem-solving skills, Agoun enjoyed her role that involved creating consultancy material, training new members on consultancy and strategy principles to reaching out to partnering firms and networking.

Helping to organize the competition has made Agoun a better leader that equipped her with a stronger business acumen than ever. The experiential learning turned out to be an important opportunity for Agoun to further develop her vital leadership skills and knowledge of the consulting field from a career perspective.

“It is undeniable that being a TL  student at LAU opens doors to roles beyond just a simple student. With the TL program, you exercise daily leadership roles be it during extracurricular activities, or in a professional setting. Hence, l am taking the opportunity that MEPI provided me with to the fullest » affirms Agoun