Tomorrow’s Leaders Program

Success Stories

Jehad Oumer Participates in a Think-Tank Training Session and Sharpens His Knowledge and Expertise in the Digital Industry.

Jehad Oumer, an LAU MEPI TL student in Computer Science, has always believed in the importance of linking academic learning with seminars and workshops that will help him putting acquired knowledge into practice.

In March 2020, Oumer participated in a training session organized by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’s MENA Leadership Academy in Tunisia.

Held under the theme of: ‘Civil Society Organizations in a Digital Space’, the session gathered 24 young participants from 8 countries from the MENA region. The four-day-training proposed to attendees new forms and formats of digital communication. 

During the training session, Oumer and his colleagues had the chance to visit the Greenhouse Innovation Lab of Deloitte Tunisia, where they received first-hand insights on how to adapt an organizations’ strategy on digital transformation. They were also exposed to practical exchanging ideas with local civil society organizations on how to revitalize the historic part of Tunis through innovative ideas and initiatives.

Additionally, the training session moderators introduced to participants new and innovative formats for channeling digital communication.

Being a project manager at Tech Impact, an innovation hub based in Libya, Oumer had the opportunity to not only present personal experiences but also to come up with a new digital communication strategy with the help of other participants.

On the last day of the training, each group presented his proposed communication strategy to an expert jury who gave a closer look at each proposal and gave assessment and feedback.

The experience was very enriching to Oumer on various levels. In addition to getting acquainted with novel and latest innovation trends, Oumer had the chance to expand his network with like-minded intellectuals and professionals.

Oumer is thankful to the MEPI TL program in general and LAU TL administration in particular for always providing him all kinds of support needed to help him advance in an ever-changing digital world.