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Success Stories

Shahd Magouri Rises to the Challenge and Wins the Student Council Elections Race

Shahd Magouri, a LAU MEPI TL Program Senior majoring in Political Science and International Affairs, chose to participate in the Student Council Elections at LAU with the purpose of start putting all the political theories and methodologies acquired into practice and to advocate for the needs of international students at LAU.

Magouri was the sole candidate representing the MEPI Program and one of the few independent, non-politically affiliated candidates who entered the election race.

In her proposed program, Magouri announced her goals for the year focusing on academic and para academia goals to name a few, improving counseling services offered on-campus, fostering the eco-friendly campus’ policy; working closely with the Facilities Management and Dean of Students and assist in the creation and implementation of school policies and guidelines, most often those that directly affect students. 

Scoring 15.73% of votes, Magouri made it to the student council in January 2020 amid the fierce competition and general expectations that she will not be able to win being a non-politically affiliated candidate.

Thanks to the LAU MEPI TL program, Magouri had the opportunity to explore the many facets of the Political Science major such as content and methods to meet the challenges of the changing political landscape.