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Manel Benabid Introduces the Basics of Programming for Students to “Code” their Future

The pandemic has led to a global shift to online learning which requires from students an advanced level of computer knowledge to help them function successfully in an online environment.

Passionate about computer science, TL student Manel Benabid from Algeria chose to use her skills to give back to her community and people in need in this specific area.

Benabid volunteered her time and skills at “World Learning Algeria” where she taught high school students the basics of programming, introduction to algorithms, and coding.

Thanks to her vast amount of patience and her innate desire to teach, Benabid succeeded in making programming and coding a fun learning experience for students. And through her interactive courses, students were able to develop problem-solving skills and expand their creativity when learning how to code.

“I always believed that educating the younger generation is the key to a better future for nations; looking back at my personal experience and how Technology changed my perception of the world and gave my life a purpose, I decided to dedicate my time to change other people’s lives as well.” Affirmed Benabid.

“The TL Program’s core values including leadership, civic-mindedness, service, and commitment to a greater cause have all driven me to take every opportunity I can get to give back to my community. And I have chosen to give back in the way I love the most, inspiring for change.” She added.