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Sarra Saadi Uses Communication as Key to Human Development

When Sarra Saadi, a LAU MEPI TL student chose to pursue her studies in Communication, she had already a clear purpose in mind: to use communication skills effectively to give voice to a social discontent against a given social status quo.

Saadi was given an assignment to write a current event article to her journalism class. As an Arab woman and feminist, she has always shown interest in standing for women’s rights.

As recorded so-called ‘Honor Killings’ are still on the rise often with little press and no justice for the victim, Saadi drew interest to tackling this topic in her article. She didn’t limit herself in doing some desk research and referring to some online articles to draft her piece; instead, she wanted her article to address the issue from a reality-check perspective. Saadi joined one of the collective demonstrations organized by Palestinan women across various cities in Palestine as well as Beirut in Lebanon and Berlin in Germany. The series of protests were addressed against gender-based violence and oppression affecting Palestinian Women, stressing on the ‘Honor Killings’.

Being part of the event and seeing the strong solidarity of the women activists inspired Saadi to write her article reflecting the community’s resilience in the face of sexism disguised as culture, tradition and religion.

Through networking with community partners and local organizations, Saadi has taken tangible, initial steps toward reporting real-life events. This is only the beginning for Saadi as she is willing for more initiatives that lead to positive change.