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A TLU Computer Science Star Puts his Sparkle in the Computer Science World

Computer savvy, enthusiastic, with strong aptitude and logical thinking, Oday Najjad an LAU MEPI TL student in computer science, can’t get enough of defying himself.

Amid the challenging academic year 2020 in Lebanon that was surrounded by numerous threats, Najjad insisted on making the best out of it.

In March 2020, Najjad joined the ‘1 Million Arab Coders Initiative’ -an educational platform in collaboration with Udacity and Microsoft that offers free exceptional programs for individuals interested to develop their digital skills- and participated in The Android Mobile App Development contest.

The contest consisted of 2 phases. In phase 1, the candidates competed by solving 15 problems in Java (for android developers), while phase 2 focused on programming languages like R (for Data science participants).

Najjad was able to solve 15 problems out of 15  in 18.5 minutes- while the maximum time allocated for the test was up to 60 minutes. As a result, Najjad scored 2nd place over 1 million participants and was entitled to a bundle of rewarding prizes: He earned a Nanodegree scholarship, he also got a series of personal training moderated by a professional mentor from Google+,  in addition to getting the opportunity to share his Resume with 26 well-known companies.

After completing his scholarship in Nanodegree in the span of one year, Najjad will compete with 9 other programmers aiming to score the first place this time.

Through his hard work and ambition, and thanks to the MEPI TL Program, Najjad started to take tangible steps toward securing a promising future for himself that enables him to serve better his community.