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MEPI TL Students Get Recognized For Their Accomplishments at The Annual Award Ceremony Organized by The School of Arts & Sciences

Janda Barazi, Baskal Jallouf and Emil Kaston, the three LAU MEPI TL students have received prestigious awards from LAU School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) that took place in Irwin Hall, Beirut campus on May 15th 2019.

The LAU SAS Award Ceremony is celebrated yearly to honor the success of students in different fields : highest GPA for non-graduating students, Best Capstone Project/Best Senior Project, Best Discipline-related Community/Volunteer Service, Highest GPA, Recognition Award, and Best Undergraduate Research.

Baskal Jallouf got a recognition on her Capstone project : “Toute Toute Ma Khilsit El Hatoute” (an endless story), a Narrative Musical Performance that mingles lyrics and music of old traditional Syrian folklore songs, reviving memorable moments of Syria before the civil war. While Janda Barazi received the award of higest GPA that she has maintained for four semesters since she joined the MEPI Program in 2017. Whereas Kaston won Best Senior Project in Political Science & International Affairs Award for the Academic Year 2018 -2019. The title of his senior paper was “The Different Responses of EU Member States to the Refugee Crisis”. The paper studies the variations in the way European states responded to the refugee crisis that exploded in 2015 as large numbers of people from Syria, Iraq, and other countries started immigrating in Europe.

Barazi, Jallouf and Kaston were able to grow their capabilities and reach new academic and personal achievements thanks to the LAU MEPI TL Program that helped them reach their highest potential, nurtured their leadership skills and their spirit of civic engagement.