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Success Stories

Abdalla Najjar Launches his Podcast to Reach the World and Inspire People

Since he joined the MEPI TLU program, political science major Abdalla Najjar from Libya was committed to having a complete brain workout and making learning a part of his daily routine. Through the program’s diversified and multi-faceted learning components, Najjar developed a growing interest in debate, a discipline that helped him not only polish his communication skills and build confidence in public speaking but also expand his knowledge in different areas.  Najjar partook in a series of debate sessions through the MEPI TL Debate committee and at Kent State University where he spent his TL US semester which turned out to be successful and a rich learning experience. After gaining a broad, multi-faceted knowledge cutting across several disciplines outside his regular academic subjects, Najjar was ready to move beyond debate and have his own Podcast that delivers food for thought reflective sessions about a myriad of topics to educate and inspire youngsters and help them unleash their potential. And so Najjar, with the help and support of MEPI TL at LAU, was able to launch “The JJ Podcast” a platform that will be discussing a myriad of topics such as diplomacy, human rights, entrepreneurship, media, education, communication, etc. through the lens of youngsters backed-up by experts and professionals. 
Najjar attributes this successful initiative to the experience he had in the program because it allowed him to become the best version of himself, and be a role model to his peers.