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Jehad Oumer Starts Implementing Theoretical Leadership Skills To Make Positive Change In His Home Continent

Born and raised in Libya, a country facing a growing socio-economic, cultural and political crises, Jehad  Oumer, an LAU MEPI TL Sophomore student in Computer Science, grew in himself a real meaning of patriotism; he joined “i4Policy” a movement that empowers youth to present a collective vision for public policy considering the African continent most urgent needs  leading to an innovative and inclusive Africa

On May 13, 2019 Oumer participated in the first technical meeting organized by the movement in Kigali Rwanda. The meeting gathered community leaders representing 20 African countries who met and worked on a draft manifesto that focuses on various fields including but not limited to education, research development, ease of business, infrastructure, access to finance for entrepreneurs etc…Being the sole representative of Libya, Oumer redefined those needs within Libya’s Governance context.

As the meeting was wrapped up, all members gathered the findings of their studies and drafted a list of recommendations for Good Public Policy. As a next step, the movement members will gather again in Niger in July 2019 to finalize the manifesto and post it online to get the public’s feedback.

Another meeting will take place also in Ethiopia in October 2019 to articulate the final version of the manifesto that includes inputs from the public and submit it to the African Union for review and implementation.

The LAU MEPI program helped Oumer see things from a wider perspective as he started to realize that he is part of a bigger society and creating positive changes goes beyond Libya to cover the whole dark continent that he considers home.