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Amani Hammami Redefines the Concept of Revolution

Examining the Algerian revolution since its start, Amani Hammami, an LAU MEPI TL Sophomore student in Political Science and International Affairs, started analyzing the revolution in her home country from a broader angle by addressing the complexity of human diversity and the essential roles that politics and culture play in revolutions.

From this perspective, Hammami chose to participate in the Global Peace Summit with the purpose of redefining revolution within the frame of a peaceful approach to make change rather than being labeled a turmoil and disturbance.

And so the journey started with Hammami traveling to Ukraine to attend the 3rd International Conference on Peace themed ‘Youth Action towards Peace’ that took place in Kiev University on 29 and 30 November 2019.

Hammami joined more than 100 international delegates from 30+ countries who gathered with a purpose to develop their ideas to advocate peace in their communities.

The two-day summit covered a series of thorny issues: Peace education;  global citizenship;  amplifying voices for youth; women, peace and security, diplomats and religious scholars talk and climate action for peace.

Hammami landed on the theme of peaceful revolution and presented the success story of the peaceful revolution in Algeria to be a benchmark to all other revolutions happening in the Middle- East.

By respecting objectivity and impartiality in her case study, Hammami succeeded in portraying the real image of the Algerian peaceful revolution to the audience and hence she was nominated Global Peace Ambassador.

Hammami’s participation at the Global Peace Summit was a fruitful experience as it helped her to gain more self-confidence and nurtured its convincing skills. Hammami’s attributes this success firstly to  MEPI TL program that helped her unlock her potential and reach her goals.