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Alaeddine Loueti Engages Mental Health Experts To Instill Positive Mindset

After being accepted at the Millennium Fellowship Program, Alaeddine Loueti, an LAU MEPI TL student rushed to come up with a project that will allow him answering the Sustainable and Development Goals (SDGs) and make them a reality. 

Loueti established “Soul Education” or “EducSoul”, a project that answers the Sustainable Development Goal 4: Educational Goal. The project is a platform whose main objective is to raise awareness on the importance of the child’s mental wellbeing in the learning process, targeting parents and teachers through a series of workshops.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing insecurity, Loueti decided to press ahead and replaced the workshops that required physical attendance and interactions with online live sessions on “EducSoul” Facebook and Instagram accounts.

In its first awareness session, “EducSoul” hosted one of LAU MEPI TL Alumni, Nasser Al Tooblani, who graduated from the TL program in 2019 with a BA in Psychology. The session’s topic focused on teenagers and mental wellbeing. Al Tooblani delivered the session and suggested different modules that will help youngsters addressing current pressing issues and promoting a sense of resilience.

The first session gained a relatively impressive audience- 85 viewers- who watched the session and interacted with the guest speaker through a series of Q&A. and the “EducSoul” page attracted 522 followers on both Facebook and Instagram.

Loueti is one of many LAU MEPI TL students who constantly challenge themselves to provide new innovative ideas to instill positive change in the community at large.