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5abir: Bridging the Gap between Students and Academic Projects

MEPI TLU students Mohammad Shahin from Jordan, Mohammed Al Bukair from Yemen, Mohammad Ismail from West Bank/Gaza, Abdul Rahman Al Zaatari from Lebanon, as well as Kamel Kachkouche (LAU student) from Lebanon initiated 5abir (pronounced khabir) which is an Arab initiative that plays a crucial role in connecting university students with academic projects. This platform offers students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on academic experience and become involved in volunteer projects that are directly related to their fields of study.

One of the notable aspects of 5abir is its focus on collaboration between students at different stages of their academic journeys. Graduating students and alumni can partner with current students to work on research projects, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and knowledge. This not only benefits the participating students but also contributes to the development of the academic community as a whole.

5abir also addresses the needs of project organizers who require support for their academic endeavors for the capstone project. It provides a channel for these organizers to access assistance from dedicated university students who are eager to contribute their skills and knowledge. This collaboration not only enhances the quality of the academic output but also promotes a sense of teamwork and shared growth.

The beauty of 5abir lies in its flexibility. It offers a variety of volunteer roles, such as Volunteer Researchers and Volunteer Coordinators, allowing students to choose projects that resonate with their passions and abilities. This way, everyone gets to engage in projects that truly inspire them.

Thanks to Mohammad Shahin, Mohammad Al Bukair, Mohammad Ismail, and Abdul Rahman Al Zaatari, 5abir has become a remarkable initiative that connects students with meaningful academic experiences. It fosters connections, fuels collaboration, and empowers students to make a difference in their fields of study.