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Hiba Kammoun Shines at Women Deliver 2023 Conference: Uniting for Gender Equality

Hiba Kammoun, a recent graduate from the Tomorrow’s Leaders Undergraduate program, and a passionate advocate for women’s rights, joined thousands of participants at the Women Deliver 2023 Conference (WD2023) in Kigali, Rwanda, and online from 17-20 July 2023. The conference brought together over 6,000 attendees in person and over 200,000 virtually, creating inclusive spaces that nurtured solidarity, and fostering sustainable solutions for gender equality.

Hiba Kammoun, a sponsored speaker recommended by her Gender Studies professor and the Arab Institute for Women at LAU, had a remarkable experience at WD2023. She joined a diverse array of participants, including heads of state, UN officials, grassroots advocates, and government officials from over 160 countries.

Reflecting on her experience, Hiba remarked, “Attending the Women Deliver 2023 Conference was a truly empowering opportunity. I met people from all over the world and had the chance to network with highly competent and achieving individuals. It was inspiring to be part of such a global movement for change.”

As a panelist, Hiba’s session focused on addressing the pushbacks faced by women and marginalized minorities in Tunisia, sharing her unique perspective as a student and young individual. She emphasized the importance of moving forward and finding solutions to overcome these challenges. Her contribution highlighted the resilience and determination of young voices in advocating for progress.

One of the highlights of the conference for Hiba was the safe space it provided for open discussions on gender and climate-related topics. She actively engaged in these conversations, exchanging ideas and insights with fellow attendees. Hiba expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to speak up and share her thoughts, saying, “WD2023 provided a platform where my voice was heard and valued. It was empowering to be part of a community that actively seeks to amplify diverse perspectives.”

Beyond the conference sessions, Hiba also had the chance to immerse herself in the vibrant culture of Rwanda. Exploring the country’s diversity and connecting with its people further enriched her experience. It showcased the importance of embracing different cultures and perspectives in fostering global solidarity.

Hiba’s participation in WD2023 reinforced her commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering marginalized communities. She returned from the conference with renewed energy and determination to continue her advocacy work. Inspired by the presence of influential leaders and fellow activists, Hiba emphasized, “WD2023 has empowered me to be an agent of change. It has reaffirmed my belief in the collective power of individuals and organizations working together to achieve gender equality.”

As Hiba carries forward the momentum ignited at WD2023, her continued dedication and efforts will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing pursuit of a more equitable and inclusive world.