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TLers practice their democratic right

A total of 37 TLers have had the chance to practice their democratic right to select their representatives for the academic year 2013-2014,. Winning the electoral race for Mr. Mohamad Gohary was literally a walkover. He was the only male candidate who accepted the challenge of carrying high the TLers’ torch. For the ladies, the passion to serve was way more competitive. Ms. Shuhd AlSharki claimed the female student representative seat with the majority of the votes (27 votes) whereas Ms. Zeina Al-Bitar secured 9 votes. A lonely shout of unsatisfaction (1 blank vote) found its way into the ballot box, a healthy reminder of democracy and a sacred aspect of the process. Please join us in congratulating the incoming student representatives and in thanking the outgoing ones for the time, dedication and goodwill they have invested in the welfare of TLers.