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The LAU MEPI TL Program Marks International Women’s Day 2021

This year, the LAU Middle East Partnership Initiative –Tomorrow’s Leaders (MEPI TL) Program vowed to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) – 2021 amid the pile of challenges the program’s faculty, staff and students are facing during the fast spiraling series of crises that Lebanon is witnessing.

A series of webinars, online round tables, and virtual talks were held to pay tribute to women in the MENA region in general and to women in Lebanon in particular who are facing economic challenges, higher unemployment, and the burden of a merciless pandemic, and yet, they are still able to find ways to use their skills and inspire others.

Tomorrow’s Leaders Gender Scholars (TLS)

The 3rd Athena40 Global Conversation: ” Women’s Leadership in Times of Crises

The Tomorrow’s Leaders Gender Studies program (TLS) students took part in The 3rd Athena40 Global Conversation: Women’s Leadership in Times of Crises- an international seminar hosted by The Arab Institute for Women (AiW). The event engaged high-impact women from around the world to mark IWD. AiW hosted five decision-makers women who joined the conversation as key panelists and shared their stories and insights on the virtues of women’s leadership and how women can bring back trust, vision, and accountability in a world that is so uncertain. 

TLSers Establish a Dynamic Force for Gender Equality through the “Intersectional Feminist Club”

Far from being silent and passive, TLS students Yasmina Masri, Ala’ Zahabi, Hussein Faour,  Faysal Al Haddad, and engaging non-TLS student Mohamad Ezzedine;  started the “Intersectional Feminist Club”, an all-inclusive platform that strives towards a more just future for all through a myriad of gender-balanced activities and events. The club board members are currently working on preparing a series of gender-related online activities and virtual events that are planned to be launched soon.

TLSers Sound out for Women Empowerment

In a planned yet spontaneous way, TLS students chose to raise their voices for women’s accreditation through short inspiring velfies that were posted on LAU MEPI TL social media platforms.

In her message, TLS student Christelle Maroun highlighted how the MEPI TLS Program has contributed to her feminist movement- building and she greeted women on their international day encouraging them to be strong, brave, confident, and independent- every day.

TLS student Ibrahim Issam Al Kodsi explained how the MEPI TLS program helped him build an understanding of the string of stereotypes women face in their daily lives stressing on the fact that “every day should be women’s day and men have to contribute to women inclusion in the society”.

While TLS student Melissa El Feghali stressed on the strong impact of the TLS program. For El Feghali, TLS was an eye-opener that helped her discern the importance of gender studies and how gendered roles and norms are intrinsically woven into and practiced in our daily lives.

Tomorrow’s Leaders Graduate Program (TLG)

TLG Alumna Redefines Gender Equity for a Better Balance


The LAU MEPI TL Communication and Outreach Committee organized a webinar under the theme of  Rethinking Gender Gap: Equality for All hosting  LAU MEPI TLG Alumna Alya Humran from Yemen who recently graduated with an MA in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies. The key messages delivered during the session were that gender equality is not just a women’s issue, it affects both men and women; gender equality is not women taking men’s role, but rather creating a “healthy” balance for a better world.

The session was interactive, opening the door for debatable talks reflecting on gender-focused daily life scenarios, leaving room for criticism on women-empowerment awareness campaigns executed by international brands.

The session also included a sociodramatic play where attendees were given daily life scenarios and were encouraged to become different characters according to the scenario and draw a certain behavior to wrap- up the scene.

Tomorrow’s Leaders Undergraduate Studies (TLU)

TL Student Engages with a Panel of Experts to Talk about her Achievements as a TL student and Activist

TL student Leen El Harake from Lebanon joined a panel of experts from the region and across sectors through the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN ESCWA) webinar to mark the International Women’s Day under the theme of Women’s Leadership in the Arab region. The event highlighted the challenges faced by women in leadership positions in the Arab region and delved into ways to address them. Additionally, the panel discussed the limitations of existing gender roles on a woman’s pursuit and the stereotypical understanding of a woman’s capabilities. The women panelists enjoy extensive experience in their fields and gave insight on the tools they used to navigate their journey.


During her intervention, El Harake was able to provide the upcoming generations’ perspective on women’s leadership.  She highlighted the persistent difficulties due to lack of just legislation and societal misjudgment. Based on her most recent experience, El Harake focused on the importance of civic engagement and activism as key drivers of the fight for gender equality.

 “The women leaders in the panel have made strides in their respective fields and it was an absolute honor to be selected amongst them” affirms El Harake