Tomorrow’s Leaders Program

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Orientation weekend in Taanayel – Bekaa


Before the beginning of the fall semester, all the MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders students and coordinators gathered for a two-day orientation session in Eco-Village, Taanayel.

During the first day, an informal ice-breaker was held for the students, introducing them to the program and its various coordinators. Each student introduced herself/himself and talked about her/his strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, experiences, and expectations for the program. The meeting created a feeling of camaraderie between the students and the program’s coordinators, and boosted the students’ self-awareness and confidence.


During the second day, Mr. Antoun Hajj conducted two leadership sessions. The sessions covered the definition of leadership and its principal characteristics. Moreover, Mr. Hajj presented several leadership case studies that focused on different aspects of leadership and situations in the students’ daily lives.

At the end of the second day the students were invited on a recreational trip to the Roman historical sites in Baalbek - the trip acted as an introduction to Lebanon and its history.