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Mondher Tounsi Pursues Master’s Degree and Develops A Global Perspective

Graduated in 2021 with High Distinction in international affairs, LAU-MEPI TL Alumnus Mondher Tounsi cultivated an ability to succeed and lead with a global outlook: Right after his graduation, Tounsi got enrolled in a Master’s of International Security at Sciences Po in Paris, France, another golden opportunity that will allow him navigating the global community gaining global perspectives on various world cultures; cross-cultural understanding and communication; and critical thinking skills.  “Without MEPI’s Tomorrow’s Leaders program and the education I received at the Lebanese American University, I wouldn’t have been able to resume my academic life in one of the world’s top leading universities in the discipline. The TL program provided me with the toolkit and financial stability to experiment and broaden my horizons. It offered a multicultural environment in which I developed a cohesive understanding of the socio-political stakes in the Arab World, which reinforced my interest in the region. Currently, I aim to penetrate the great ecosystem of security and intelligence that is found in Europe and hope to bring my newly-acquired expertise to the MEPI community” affirms Tounsi attributing the string of successes to the MEPI TL program at LAU.