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MEPI Roundtable: NGOs

On Thursday Dec. 13, 2012 MEPI TL Program had the honor to host distinguished speaker, Dr. Imad Salamey, one of our own political science professors here at LAU, to talk about an important aspect of our program. The workshop was a detailed guide for us to get the important knowledge on how to establish and fund NGOs, a crucial topic for TL students.

Dr. Salamey clarified the definition of NGOs and Civil Society clearly distinguished it from that of Political Parties and the other different working levels of organizations like community associations. The importance of NGOs and Political Parties was highlighted as they revolve on influencing the three sectors of government and its policies.

In specific and organized steps, Dr. Salamey explained the process of establishing an NGO and the possible issues to target such as political reformation, women empowerment, environmental awareness and road safety. Moreover, Dr. Salamey introduced us to important facts and information about MEPI (Middle East Partner Initiative) and its work outside of our program. One particular example was that also in collaboration with LAU, it helps women from the Gulf establish their own NGOs.

Through this workshop, we had the chance to form our own hypothetical NGOs. At the end of the workshop, Dr. Salamey, asked the students to sit in groups of their choice, according to the different issues discussed and their own interests, and then come up with their own NGOs. The creativity and the enthusiasm of our students exemplified the spirit of this program. Great things are expected from these extra-ordinary students.